Hull Design: Constructed of strong lightweight fiberglass reinforced with kevlar, carbon fiber and vectran. We also use vacuming for best strenght and quality.
EUROHOVER design offers excellent visibility and ease of control. The aerodynamic shape allows EUROHOVER to accelerate rapidly and slip through the air with ease. For stowage of light baggage and other equipment there is a generous under-seat compartment within the central well providing easy access from under the motorcycle style seat. Components and fittings are used exclusively throughout the craft.

Flexible Skirt: The skirt is designed of segments. Each segment is individually air-fed to provide reduced friction and a smooth ride over irregular surfaces. This unique design has many distinct advantages. At higher velocities, the skirt provides EUROHOVER with great stability.

Engine and Fan: EUROHOVER is powered by a reliable, compact and lightweight Austra-made engine, delivering high torque at low rpm (ideal for long life and fast acceleration) to drive a high efficiency fan. Engine, exhaust system, and lift fans are positioned rearward of the passenger seat and are totally enclosed for safe, quiet operation. Commercial models are also powered by much bigger but economical DIESEL engines

Performance: EUROHOVER is a fully amphibious hovercraft, equally at home on water, swamp, snow, ice, or dry land and it smoothly transitions between them all. At speed, EUROHOVER has practically no wake wash to damage river banks and it is the only surface craft which can pass over environmentally sensitive areas without disturbing the surface ecology. EUROHOVER is safer than the average powerboat having no underwater hull or propeller to endanger swimmers, aquatic life, or entangle ropes. A twist-grip throttle, handlebar steering and aerodynamic rudders offer the driver responsive control. With a full fuel tank it will cruise for upto 4houres. Commercial models are equiped with long range fuel tanks.

To ensure the highest levels of quality, we have selected components manufactured by long established companies. This ensures that the latest manufacturing techniques and quality standards are adhered to in the component production and design.

For over decade, EUROHOVER Ltd has been known for innovation in technology and artistry in design. Often imitated, but never surpassed, each EUROHOVER craft is a fusion of advanced technologies and skilled, hands-on workmanship, passionately adhering to the highest quality standards in materials, components and procedures. As the most experienced hovercraft manufacturers in the world, Eurohover engineers, designers and craftspeople deliver time-tested hovercraft that promise the confidence and pride of owning a uniquely agile, safe, durable and distinctive multi-purpose vehicle.